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 Terra AU

  Surface Design
  24k Gold Leaf, Concrete, Acrylic Paint
  Carbon Footprint Neutralized

  Terra AU began as an exploration to bring life and layers into a faded multi-use court in the home of patron Jason Somers. Jason’s passion for architectural lines and asymmetrical balances align with principal elements that flow through my work.

  This commission provided an opportunity to mirror the dramatic renovation taking place inside of the mid-century residence and extending the architectural themes out into the mixed-use area of the property. In early design concepts, Lautner’s Sheats–Goldstein House emerged as a compelling visual reference, and the property ultimately became our meeting grounds and underlying inspiration during later phases of the project’s planning and execution.

  In an effort to integrate past elements of my work while pushing my project into new, uncharted areas, I created a design that hinged on the integration of 24-karat gold leaf, layered onto the court’s surface and finished in a resilient, industrial clear coat. The delicate application and sealing of the gold leaf was done by hand over several weeks in addition to laying the base-layers of the court, carried in concert with a team of specialists.